The Right Lens for the Right Answers.

The right aperture provides just enough, showing the answers you need.

The right aperture provides just enough, showing the answers you need.

The right aperture provides just enough, showing the answers you need.

As much as you need. Where you need it.

Your solution may come from only one of our products, services, or innovations. Or it may be a combination. This integrated approach always brings you the most optimal solution.

With Illuminate, you will gain an unencumbered view of your systems and what’s traversing them, giving you an in-focus picture to fuel critical decision-making. Reap the benefits of deep data expertise, global technology reach, and tomorrow’s innovation from a single source.

We provide a broad range of solutions to business and mission clients, such as:

Data analytics and visualization for multi-source intelligence

Make the most of the wide variety of data source that you have.

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Harness the data of mobile infrastructure: from 2G circuit-switched networks, to 3G/4G packet-switched networks, to 5G virtualized and software-defined networks.

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Mobile cyber

Provide security, oversight, and insight on the traffic moving across your mobile infrastructure.

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Cyber security

Identify and prevent issues before they present problems.

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Law enforcement

Protect privacy while supporting legal processes.

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Coordinate and manage the full-spectrum of your mission.

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Answers Accelerated by Vigilance™.

Our solutions are enhanced when built upon Vigilance™, our multisource data platform.

Illuminate’s deep knowledge of intelligence operations, telecommunication networks, and enterprise-scale data analytics — combined with our work at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning integration — manifests in our unified data platform offering known as Vigilance™.

Through the integration of proven industry building blocks and our own optimizations, we deliver a platform that can address petabyte-scale data ingest, processing, and visualization.