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Intelligence Analysis & Operations

Full-spectrum, all-source intelligence analysis, counter threat analysis, AI/ML based analytics, counterintelligence analytics, and multi-layer targeting.  Our analytic services include expertise in HUMINT, SIGINT, GEOINT, MASINT, OSINT, TECHINT, & PAI.

Critical Missions, Meet Critical Support

We deliver strategic, national, and tactical intelligence, analyses, and production informed by an in-depth knowledge of the complex support requirements critical to mission success. Our Advanced Concepts Group unites our deep knowledge of intelligence operations, telecommunication networks, and enterprise-scale data analytics in partnership with our fellow Illuminate business units doing R&D at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) integration. This synergistic approach positions to lead analysis, applied research, and development efforts to meet national security challenge and deliver effective solutions.

Spacecraft. Cosmic art, science fiction wallpaper. Beauty of deep space. Billions of galaxies in the universe. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Global Perspective, Delivered.

Our intelligence services are built on decades of experience in protecting the the national interest and delivering reliable, actionable, and future-focused value. Our team of intel professionals have supported missions across all branches, in almost all combatant commands.

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Domination of the Mid-Ground

Supporting policy and tactical operations - our intelligence capabilities span the higher and lower echelons of delivering information to those who need it.

Concealment as the enemy - our professionals are driven by service to country and those who defend it to uncover, analyze, and deliver critical situational awareness where it is needed most.
Insides of hidden intelligence base of United States with computers and guarding soldier at entrance in night

Ground-Level Awareness

Operators on the front-line supported by those who have been there. Our professionals have decades of mission support experience working alongside units deployed to some of the harshest environments on earth.

Our mission dedication is matched only by those we serve.
Two armed US army commandos or military scouts equipped with radio headset moving forward in sands during enemy area reconnaissance. Special forces operation, long range surveillance mission in desert


Our professionals have experience in all core global operational environments supporting all branches in most threat environments.

Mission First

A mantra of our team – understanding and executing high-value performance in support of the specific missions our clients perform.


Informed Decisions

More than a tag line – our unyielding dedication to our customer’s mission drives our professionals to evaluate all source data at any confidence level. 


Sustained or OPORDs

Whatever the environment, no matter the need – Illuminate’s operations specialists and analysts are ready, proficient, and able to defend our interests at any time. Built on decades of operational experience – our teams are ready to support.

CI Training

We provide dedicated counterintelligence training and support services for various mission sets and customers.

If you have a need for CI training, we have a solution.

Our Work

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