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Network Monitoring

Our Cellular and Fixed Line Monitoring products enable law enforcement, government and commercial organizations to monitor data on any network in line with their mission. Today’s networks are incredibly complicated, with layers of protocols, legacy technologies and vendor-specific features we can help cut through the noise and deliver solutions for your toughest challenges.

Accurate. Fast. Simple.

The structure of networks has become increasingly complex as communication service providers (CSPs) deploy additional equipment to support the demand for hyper-connected communication services like IoT and 5G.

Together with advances in modern networks such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), traditional network monitoring and troubleshooting can be costly, time-consuming and difficult to manage effectively. Our network monitoring services are designed to span this complexity, ensuring data collection, management and analysis is done accurately and at speed. We provide technology to help you manage:

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Data Collection

Our passive network probes capture and process data from a wide range of cellular and fixed line networks, capable of monitoring modern software defined networks like those in 5G.

Data Management

We process the captured data, enriching it with your additional required data feeds, making it instantly more meaningful. So, location data overlaid on a map brings it to life and correlation of packet data into call records makes them usable.


You identify what you want to see, and our technology extrapolates it from the mass of network data, bringing you the specific information you need. Whether you are investigating a credible threat to public safety or understanding why your network is being overloaded, get the insights you need in a clear and concise format.

Cyber Security

Mobile threat hunting

Digital Forensics

Network Infrastructure protection


Realtime investigation

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Criminal Network Discovery


Lawful Interception

SLA Verification

Location and identity

Behavioral analytics

Location and tracking

Situational awareness


Network Visualization

Traffic flow statistics

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