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Communication Service Providers

Mobile networks are the backbone of modern society, and their operators are responsible for ensuring this critical infrastructure is readily available, secure and monitored for misuse. Illuminate has been a key part in MNOs meeting compliance legislation for over 40 years, evolving with them to rise to new challenges as technology advances.

Mobile Telephony

5G Expertise delivering Service Assurance, Network Intelligence, & Security driven by AI.

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QoE Monitoring

Advanced analytics to lower response times & deliver strategic insight you can translate into action.

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Supporting Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Make Alert-fatigue a thing of the past. Keep teams focused on what matters most.

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Problems faced by the industry

Our Solutions

Compliant Probes

We offer standards-compliant probes that seamlessly integrate with your network and existing lawful interception infrastructure. Our two monitoring platforms–the packet probe and the cellular virtual monitoring platform— provide tailored solutions that lead to network compliance with legislation.

Advanced Filtering

Our probes scale to meet the growing volume of traffic on your network as well as having advanced filtering capabilities to ensure that you are capturing needed data.

Detailed Analytics

Analytic capabilities based on extensive knowledge and experience in the telecommunications industry bring real-time visibility and understanding of network traffic.

Full Spectrum Visibility

Our probes offer visibility of the entire technology stack, from 1G to 5G, from a single device, providing you a comprehensive picture of your network.

Our Work

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