Illuminate  Labs Overview
Illuminate Labs / Overview

Inventing what's next, now.

Illuminate Labs focuses on cutting edge research, development, and blue sky thinking. But more than just a “skunkworks” operation, our researchers, project managers, and developers are shaping the engagements of tomorrow for our clients. We engage early to design, develop, and operationalize the data architectures and platforms they will use to answer tomorrow’s questions.

Labs is also the home of the Illuminate Vigilance™ platform: our multisource signals intelligence platform used across Illuminate to bring focus to our clients’ data.
We partner with leading commercial and governmental organizations who have data operations of global scale and importance, turning their raw data into rich and insightful intelligence.


Building Technology and Tradecraft for Tomorrow.

Tapping into the brightest and experienced technical and mission data minds available, Labs is proving out technologies in multiple areas across the intelligence supply chain, including:

Conversational Analytics at the Edge
More than just “hey, computer, play music.”
We’re combining augmented reality with deployable AI/ML algorithms to form the basis of adaptable and intuitive assistive agents for security and law enforcement operators who are disconnected from the cloud.
Personalized Recommendations
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Driving customer engagement for global media companies delivering over-the-top video, gaming, and streaming media content personalized to individual user preferences and network environment.
What might the future hold? The data to tell us is out there.
The data to tell us is out there. Helping automotive sales enterprises see trends in the sales demand and stage supply using customer 360-degree marketing, demographics, and social media signals.
Data Science Workflow
Data curation, tagging, augmentation, labeling, and training.
Helping data scientists with some of the most difficult portions of their deep learning workflows. We employ innovative techniques to assist in this process to compress the timelines and efforts involved in this area of data science – resulting in faster time to results.
Network Monitoring and Alerting
High-volume and velocity streaming analytics to flag anomalous events of interest.
We’re helping operators and analysts see through the deluge with increased precision. From Cloud to Edge in 5G and the IoT, we are driven to deliver data ingest and analytics services capable of operating PB-scale with many millions of messages per second.


A peek inside the lab.

Clarity built on Vigilance™

Vigilance™ is our open, extensible, and scalable multi-source data platform empowering our customers, developers, and partners to drive analytic insight against the breadth of data resources critical to their operations. From large-scale Fortune 500 enterprises to dynamic mission-critical operators at the edge of security and public safety, we have drawn upon our experience of working with a range of customers to ensure our data platform is adaptable to the needs of our decision makers.