The Challenge of Information Operations

When delivered in tandem with its kinetic engagement maneuver counterpart, non-kinetic engagement is a significant combat multiplier that is essential in today’s climate.
However, the planning, execution, and evaluation of Information Operations (IO) and Military Information Support Operations (MISO) is complex. Non-kinetic engagement requires the same level of access to critical data as kinetic warfare, in order to shape the media battle-space and achieve the desired effects.

Illuminate’s Media Operations Situational Awareness and Influence Capability (Vigilance MOSAIC), is a purpose-built solution that enables the planning, execution, and evaluation of IO and MISO for mission support operators.

Key Benefits of Vigilance MOSAIC

Facilitates CCIR-Driven Collection

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Facilitates relevant and focused data collection, driven by Commander’s Critical Information Requirements (CCIR)

Enables Tactical and Field Data Integration with OSINT

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Delivers a single pane of glass that enables viewing of all relevant data through one dashboard, maximizing operational efficiency

Fuses Historical and Current Data

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Facilitates trendline analysis and change detection

Assembles PMESII-PT Data Fields

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Enables decision making in line with operational categories pertinent to IO and MISO, such as PMESII-PT, through geospatially placed data

Provides Tactical and Field Data Collection

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Provides measures of effectiveness and influence indicators input, coupled with CCIR

Delivering Insight to Information Operations and Military Information Support Operations

All the information at your fingertips

Vigilance MOSAIC collects data based on the CCIR across the information environment, e.g., covering the information, physical, and cognitive domains.

The data is then organized into interactive categories based on the operational planning classifications of Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure, Physical Environment and Time (PMEIIS-PT).

The information is then geospatial placed to enable media battle space awareness, allowing commanders to posses situational understanding of their operational environment and facilitating the planning, execution, and evaluation of IO/MISO activities.

MOSAIC capabilities include:

  • Data collection using artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Hybrid data analysis, combining both AI and analyst

  • Heat maps and geo-fencing

  • Historical and current data fusion

  • Tactical/field data integration

Situational Awareness for Field-Based Teams

Adaptive Virtual Assistant (AVA) provides situational awareness to teams operating in the field, coupled with the ability to collect IO/MISO relevant data and indicators that can be ingested directly into the MOSAIC dashboard.

AVA capabilities include:

  • Facial recognition, i.e., for positive identification

  • Sensitive site exploitation

  • Language translation, with over 40+ languages

  • RFI data recall

  • Land navigation assistance

  • Edge-based processing

  • CCIR collection

  • MOE/I indicators collection

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