Introducing PitPal™

Providing multi-domain situational awareness from the surveillance room to the pit and throughout the casino floor

Come see Illuminate at the 2022 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention…


April 20-21


Anaheim Convention Center

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What is PitPal™?

lluminate is excited to showcase our PitPal™ solution at the 2022 Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention in Anaheim from 20-21 April 2022. The unveiling of PitPal™ will have significant impact on casino surveillance operations through the enabling of 360-degree situational awareness where it counts most – in the Pit!

Please come see us at booth #1928 in the Anaheim Convention Center

PitPal Compliance

Illuminate’s PitPal Compliance capability leverages a hybrid approach to providing financial forensics analytical support. We employ a team of Intelligence Analysts that perform financial network analysis and pattern of life analysis by exploiting our proprietary analytical tool kits.

• PitPal Compliance– Financial Forensics

• MOSAIC – Pattern of Life

• Big Data Management Platform – Vigilance™

• Dark web crawler

• International Assets/Networks

• Intelligence Experts – Multi Domain

• Certified Financial Forensic Experts

• Document Media Exploitation Experts “see vs. read”

• Digital Archaeologists

• On Call 24/7/365

PitPal™ Mobile

PitPal™ Mobile delivers a level of situational awareness to casino personnel enabling rapid, and effective decision making based on real-time intelligence concerning Persons of Interest (POI).

  • Display POI Datasets
  • Facial Recognition
  • Clandestine Communications
  • POI Analytics
  • Language Translation Handsfree Operation Interoperability

PitPal™ Insights

PitPal™ Insights is designed to provide “real-time” Pattern of Life and Gaming monitoring of POIs for casino personnel enabling 360-degree situational awareness of the Pit.

  • POI Geolocation
  • Tracking (by floor sectors)
  • Average time spent on floor
  • Percentage of revisits to the facility, pit, etc.
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Communications between POIs
  • Topmost Used Website
  • Topmost Used App
  • Surreptitious VPN usage
  • Bank Sites Visited
  • Anomaly Detection

See it for yourself.

Please come see us at booth #1928 in the Anaheim Convention Center!

Contact Us

Contact: Bob Bevelacqua

Phone: 571-282-5673

Email: [email protected]

Booth: #1928

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