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Cellular Monitoring

We enable law enforcement, government, and commercial organizations to monitor messages, calls and data usage across cellular networks supporting their mission.

A Deeper Understanding

The challenge isn’t just getting the data, it’s getting the right data. This requires a deep understanding of networks, and of the specific customer requirements. Our virtual probe solution captures and processes both control and user plane information, spanning the complete range of modern cellular networks from 2G circuit switched networks to 3G, 4G and 5G. The data is securely captured on a single platform, allowing data processing to deliver the necessary insight for mission success, at the speed of need.

Backwards Compatible & Future-Proof

Monitor a wide array of cellular technologies and protocols from a single platform:
Obtain visibility of the dynamically changing network environment with support for network function virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN).


Adapt to heterogeneous networks with vendor-agnostic probing technology.
Reduce human error and inconsistencies in monitoring with automatic network discovery capabilities.
Integrate the probes with existing lawful interception infrastructure using ETSI and GSMA compliant interfaces.


High-volume traffic ingestion to keep pace with growing numbers of network subscribers.
Increase data capture rate without increasing physical footprint with additional virtual probes.
Leverage filtering capabilities to capture the data you need, reducing storage and processing overheads.

Flow Explorer

The Cellular Virtual Monitoring Platform can be coupled with the Illuminate Flow Explorer to enable real-time management and trouble shooting of monitored mobile traffic

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