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Fixed Line Monitoring

Capture and analyze traffic on any network, whether that is specific, intelligence-driven streams of data or full take metadata and content, our products and solutions scale to meet your needs.

Detail at Speed

Visibility to match your throughput – we provide incomparable detail, enabling you to meet lawful interception compliance, secure your network, and obtain service assurance insights or capture packets for further analysis.


Know Everything.

Identify the applications used on your network, even when they are running inside a tunnel, using signatures for over 1000 applications that are regularly updated
Unlock the full potential of captured packets with our data enrichment capability, making visible details of packets that would otherwise be missed
Correlate information to obtain the full picture of activities occurring on your network
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Leverage Your Stack

Export data in a wide range of output formats, such as IPFIX and JSON, to existing network intelligence solutions
Tailored deployment with passive and active probing options to ensure that your monitoring systems work with your network
Monitor legacy technologies or modern networks, with flexible probing solutions for your network
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Ban Alert Fatigue

Reduce noise in the captured information with advanced filtering capabilities – only collecting the data you need and reducing storage overheads
Drilldown on packets with the Deep Packet Inspection engine, which enables granular analysis of the packets traversing your network
Reduce overheads on network infrastructure with dedicated capture so you do not miss vital information while maintaining peak system performance
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Link Utilization Monitoring & Analytics

Network and device landscape has been transforming dramatically with smart phones and massive IoT connected objects. Network monitoring and granular visibility is key in these scenario.

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