Advanced Packet Analysis

April 3, 2020 / Marketing & Communications / Illuminate Technologies
Our packet data service enables customers to identify and capture specific, intelligence-driven streams of data from the mass of network traffic.

We work with customers to define the focus of their insight requirements and the data packets that are key to their security and threat-prevention programs. This might be specific packet streams or “full take.”

The data is captured from the network in raw, packet form which can then be indexed and stored for time-critical retrieval. The result is deep insights for security and threat analysis.

Download the below datasheets, or contact an Illuminate representative today for more information.

10G/ 40G/ 100G IMS ETSI Probe

PCAP Collector

Communication Data Retention and Disclosure

10G/ 40G/ 100G IPFIX Generator Probe with RADIUS and DHCP Correlation

Application Performance Monitoring and SLA Verification for Enterprises

Lawful Interception Mirroring IMS State Function (LMISF)