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About Illuminate

Illuminate provides governments, telecoms service providers, commercial enterprises, with the data, services, and technology that helps them protect and extract real value from the information that surrounds us all.
We combine decades of cyber, intelligence and telecommunications expertise with innovative collection and analysis tools to deliver timely, actionable insight that our customers use to make fast, informed decisions.

Illuminate at a glance

Supporting government, telecoms and other commercial organizations worldwide.
Privately owned, small-mid sized business, backed by experienced long term, ethical investors
Highly experienced and motivated colleagues supporting clients worldwide.
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Company News

What We Value


Our customers trust us to deliver every time. We meet and often exceed their expectations. Truth, transparency, and accountability propel our business.


Everyone in our organization is accountable for our customers’ success. Each one of us works to proactively meet customer requirements and has a significant positive impact on the success of the organization.


We develop and maintain strong working relationships within our company and with our customers to solve complex challenges. We form lasting partnerships with our customers and innovate new?solutions together.

Bias for Action

Our teams proactively address opportunities and challenges to stay ahead of the technology and performance curve.

Integrity & Ethics

We do things the right way, even when no one is looking. We value accountability without exception.


We share information to support collaboration and whole-of-business understanding of goals, objectives, and strategy.

Work with us - partners wanted

We know that no one business has all the answers.  That’s why we’re always looking for like-minded companies to collaborate with. Whether that’s combining capabilities to offer more comprehensive solutions, providing innovation to existing customers, or opening up new markets, if you think Illuminate can help your organization do more, we’d love to hear from you.

Illuminate your career

Our culture of expertise, performance, and delivery demands the best in everyone. Our teams thrive on solving the toughest challenges technology and client missions can throw at us.
Above all else – Illuminate searches for emotionally intelligent professionals who are passionate about their field and its future. Loving what you do is an essential component in our capability to serve.
We lead, communicate, and learn in all directions. Our employees champion constant improvement. They are supported by investments in development helping individuals grow expanding our expertise and ability to deliver.

Expertise built over time

Since being established, Illuminate has drawn together class-leading companies to create a comprehensive intelligence business.

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United States & Global

Illuminate, 198 Van Buren Street, Suite 200
Herndon, Virginia 20170
United States of America


Illuminate (Cipherforge Systems Ltd), 7 Bell Yard, Westminster, London, WC2A 2JR, United Kingdom