About Illuminate

Illuminate was created to provide a full spectrum of data, technology, solutions, and services for today and tomorrow’s most daunting security challenges.

We are building on our history of pioneering the commercial telecommunications industry, providing mission-critical analytic and operational support services, sensitive signal collection, and the capabilities of our commercial analytic visualization and data management vision. Illuminate provides solutions to bring focus to today’s most complex data challenges.

Illuminate is focused on one objective:

to provide extreme clarity to our customers’ data and accelerate them toward informed decisions.

A Global Company.
A Brighter Culture.

Where do you call home? Washington, D.C.? Los Angeles? Europe, perhaps?

With offices on both coasts of the United States, the United Kingdom, and at key customer locations, we celebrate and harness the essence of local cultures and work environments. Diversity is our strength.

What binds us all together, in addition to our drive for data clarity, are our values:

Fostering an environment of trust from our customers and employees that Illuminate will deliver every time, meeting and exceeding expectations. Truth, transparency, and accountability propel our business.
Developing and maintaining critical working relationships—internally and externally—to innovate and solve complex challenges. Mission success is achieved by lasting partnerships between Illuminate and our customers.
Bias for Action
Bias for Action
Aggressively addressing opportunities and challenges to stay ahead of the technology and performance curve. In this world, there are no points for “second place.”
Integrity & Ethics
Integrity & Ethics
Dedicating ourselves uncompromisingly to ethical standards and doing things the right way, even when no one is looking. We value accountability without exception.
Delegating authority and stressing accountability—personal and organizational—so everyone knows that they have a significant positive impact on the success of the organization. Accepting responsibility to operate proactively in support of customer needs and requirements is paramount to our culture.
Enabling clear and consistent information flow—from up, down, and across the organization—to support collaboration and whole-of-business understanding of goals, objectives, and strategy.


Our people have broad backgrounds and areas of expertise: forward-thinking and inventive minds; engineers steeped in artificial intelligence, big data platforms, signals and data-collection technology; and honed analysis and operations specialists who live the customer mission. When we work for you, we focus that full-spectrum experience onto the mission outcome, so you can make informed, actionable decisions.

Wherever you are in your career, we can help you focus your talents and potential.

Contact one of our Illuminate career recruiters today, and we’ll find your perfect career. Shine brighter.


Our “tip of the spear” inventive minds are constantly shaping the data platforms and landscapes for tomorrow, today.

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