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Data Visualization for Intelligence Operations

The scale and complexity of communications content is increasing exponentially, with different types of data and file formats making analysis increasingly difficult. While there are many data visualization products on the market, intelligence and network security are highly specialized disciplines with specific requirements, workflows, and legislation that can be difficult to fulfill with more generalist, decision-support applications.
Fusing different data for even greater insight means that intelligence systems must be flexible enough to work with a wide range of sources, as well as being readily adaptable as requirements quickly change. Furthermore, intelligence and security analysts risk becoming overwhelmed by the quantity of information directed at them.

The Vigilance Data Insights enables customers to collect and fuse data from a variety of sources, quickly triage it, and visualize it in real time to accelerate informed decision making. Whatever the use case, Vigilance Insight turns immense volumes of data into actionable intelligence for decision-makers throughout the chain of command.

Key Benefits of the Vigilance Data Insights

Delivers Fast, Actionable Intelligence

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Fuses, filters, and presents information in real time, enhancing situational awareness enabling analysis and providing evidence

Provides Customized Support Designed Around You

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Enables customization to support your specific requirements and ways of working, with the ability to modify quickly as things change

Faciliates Multi-INT Integration

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Supports mobile and packet collect use cases, but also integrates with other intelligence applications, such as OSINT

Reduces Analyst Burden

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Delivers analyst-friendly support with fast outputting of data into customizable report templates

Protects Your Networks

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Provides early alerts to network vulnerabilities, including DNS attacks, large data transfers, and ransomware attacks

A Flexible and Modular Solution Stack

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