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The Challenge of Collecting Mobile Data

Our mobile communications landscape is becoming increasingly complex. New technologies are being developed to meet consumers’ demands for more services and increased data rates. Meanwhile, critical infrastructure still relies on previous generations of mobile networks for machine-to-machine communications.

Against this backdrop, the need for effective collection for the intelligence community and law enforcement remains paramount. However, this can prove challenging as networks are becoming more multi-faceted, with equipment from different vendors, the advent of virtualization and cloud-based services, and the relentless increase in the speed and volume of transmitted data.

Mobile Collect from Illuminate provides a comprehensive solution for the collection and processing of cellular data across all generations of networks and system manufacturers. Illuminate’s technology supports your compliance with all legal requirements, captures all relevant information, and most importantly, provides the insight that keeps us all safe.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Mobile Collect

Provides Comprehensive and Compliant Support

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Filters and captures information for data disclosure and supports compliance with data protection regulations

Simplifies Deployment and Operation

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Connects to network points that reduce the number of connections required, or as a completely virtualized collect capability

Delivers Flexible Analysis

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Works in conjunction with the Vigilance Insight Suite or with your own software to provide a detailed view

Supports Any Generation, Any System

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Supports all cellular network generations, from 2G to 5G and works with all system manufacturers

Enables High-Volume Collection

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Processes and stores extremely high volumes of data, either within Vigilance or passed directly to your own storage systems
DEVICE IMEI/PEI Identify devices with weak or obsolete encryption
  Radio Capabilities Identify devices that have been modified
  Security Capabilities Identify unauthorized or untested devices
RADIO Cell Identifier Indentify movement patterns
  Tracking Area Identify coverage gaps
  Access & Handovers Identify interference and malicious base stations
IDENTITY IMSI/SUPI Track user sessions across multiple accesses
  SUCI Find permanent associated with temporary ID discovered via RF scanning
BEARER Requested QoS Compare intended QoS against measured experience
  Slice Identifier Identify traffic associated with mission critical services
  Endpoint Identifiers Cue active devices in user plane to block malicious traffic
Session Call Parties Perform traffic analysis to build patterns of life vulnerabilities with outdated certificates ML assisted tracing of encrypted communications
  Call Routing  
  Host Identifiers  

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