The Challenge

Location data has broad applications for both businesses and government agencies. Knowledge of foot traffic, congestion, flow, and patterns of life can all be leveraged to make informed decisions.

Traditional analysis methods such as surveys and monitoring points can only capture limited information—either capturing only a small sample size or by only being active for a short period of time. Alternatively, wider-scale technology solutions, such as counting cameras and crowd sensors, require significant investment in infrastructure, whilst open source data such as Bing, Google, and Apple Maps only offer limited information and analysis.

This creates a significant opportunity for mobile network operators to provide a geolocation value-added service to both government and business clients. By leveraging the existing data within your network, VigilanceTM Geo Analysis enables you to offer reliable and anonymized device location data and analysis that your clients can use to gain valuable insight. This is all delivered via a cloud-based dashboard that makes customer onboarding, management and billing simple.

Download the Brief

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