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The Challenge of Crowd-Scaled Geolocation

Location data has broad applications for both businesses and government agencies. Knowledge of foot traffic, congestion, flow, and patterns of life can be leveraged to make informed decisions.
Traditional analysis methods, such as surveys and monitoring points, gather limited information—either capturing only a small sample size or by only being active for a short period of time. Alternatively, wider-scale technology solutions, such as counting cameras and crowd sensors, require significant investment in infrastructure; while open-source data, such as Bing, Google, and Apple Maps, only offer limited information and analysis.

This creates a significant opportunity for mobile network operators to provide a geolocation value-added service to both government and business clients. By leveraging the existing data within your network, Vigilance Geo Analysis enables you to offer reliable and anonymized device location data and analysis that your clients can use to gain valuable insight. This is all delivered via a cloud-based dashboard that facilitates customer onboarding, management, and billing.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Geo Analysis

Offers Low-Cost, High-Value Services

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Creates a value-added service for existing and new customers with little up-front investment

Rewinds Time

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Enables customers to view device and crowd movement both historically and in real time

Looks Into the Future

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Predicts future traffic, using machine learning, to enable better planning and logistics

Provides the Complete Picture

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Captures all subscribers moving through the entire area of interest

Delivers Rich, Cloud-Based Visualization

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Analyzes traffic flow, crowd densities, and points of interest

Deploys Easily

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Simply installs onto your network, with cloud-based account administration and customer dashboards

Offering Value to Both Commercial and Public Sectors

Municipal and Government Agencies

Allows venues and authorities to improve residents and visitors quality of life by understanding their movements and interactions.

Monitor and analyze traffic flows for planning and congestion management.

Manage emergencies and events by having greater visibility of effects across the surrounding area.


Event Management

Improve event safety and the visitor experience by quickly identifying potential issues such as crowded locations and logjams.

Understand how visitors behave during the event, identifying popular and less popular elements and how the visitors move throughout the day.

Analyze how visitors travel to, and from the event to inform transport link planning.


Retail and Entertainment Venues

Understand customer flow both on-premises and across the local area.

Deliver marketing campaigns direct to the user based on their location.

Improve traditional advertising by discovering best locations for billboards and other ads.

Identify locations with greatest footfall throughout the day.

Improve parking lot layouts and the overall visitor experience.



Understand how your customers transit your network.

Identify bottlenecks and improve management of heavy traffic periods, e.g. rush-hours.

Plan for, mitigate, and manage travel disruption and emergencies.

Understand your travellers’ entire journey from start to finish, to help route and timetable planning.

Identify potential new routes and stops based on population densities.

Analyze competitors’ performance by determining popular routes.


Telecommunications Providers

Identify areas of poor network service—direct from the devices and in real time.

Reduce the cost of performance testing, when compared to traditional drive testing.



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