The Challenge

We live in an ocean of data. Organizations that can make sense of it — fusing sources, making connections, and making it easy to analyze and access can generate significant advantage.

However, it’s not easy. Numerous sources and types of data, not to mention the volumes involved, make ingestion and storage difficult. Once in, you need to be able to find the things and connections that matter — things that often only become apparent once multiple data sources have been brought together.

Furthermore, for many organizations, different teams and programs are looking at the same sources. At best, this can lead to duplication of effort. At worst, it means that things can be missed.

VigilanceTM Data Management helps you to make sense of the data. Using secure, cloud-based architecture, Illuminate provides the systems, applications, and framework that allow you to ingest and fuse multiple data sources, add the metadata that allow you to search and make connections, and then analyze and share insight — both across your own organization and with your partners.

Download the Brief

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