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The Challenge of Large Scale Data Management

We live in an ocean of data. Organizations that can make sense of it — fusing sources, making connections, and making it easy to analyze and access —can generate significant advantage.
However, it’s not easy. Numerous sources and types of data, not to mention the volumes involved, make ingestion and storage difficult. Once in, you need to be able to find the things and connections that matter — things that often only become apparent once multiple data sources have been brought together.
Furthermore, for many organizations, different teams and programs are looking at the same sources. At best, this can lead to duplication of effort. At worst, it means that things can be missed.

Vigilance Data Management helps you to make sense of the data. Using secure, cloud-based architecture, Illuminate provides the systems, applications, and framework that allow you to ingest and fuse multiple data sources, add the metadata that allows you to search and make connections, and then analyze and share insight — both across your own organization and with your partners.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Data Management

Supports Any Sensor, Any Source

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Enables agnostic collection and subsequent correlation at scale, covering all INT sources

Empowers Analysts

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Delivers natural language programming and flexible visualization

Provides Real, Actionable Insight

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Supports automated workflows and assisted data discovery

Increases Coherency

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Integrates requirements, data, and tools to provide coherency between programs

Enables Scalability and Security

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Provides cloud-native capability with flexible controlled access

Delivers Fast and Adaptable Tools

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Facilitates agile development by applying a DevSecOps approach

Collect, Manage, Deliver

Source from Anywhere

Data resides everywhere. The quality of contextualization and actionable intelligence are directly dependent on how complete your incoming data is. Vigilance™ is built to ingest at-speed to guarantee you have the strongest starting point possible.
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Being an expert at the operationalization of data requires decades of learning how it can be used effectively. Our Vigilance™ DMP was purpose-built to manage data first.

By intelligent ingestion, organization, structure and maintenance DMP offers organizations the ability to throw millions of records at the solution without missing a single important byte.

Insight. Delivered.

The Vigilance™ Insights app delivers instant insight at the speed of data. Actionable information has a half-life - our DMP platform and associated front-facing applications deliver the information you need - when you need it.

Our custom development teams are built from real-world government, commercial, and research experience. We know how to build what you need - because we've been there.
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A Comprehensive Data Management Solution

Provides high-value intelligence by fusing different data and intelligence types.
Delivers ready-built applications to aid rapid cataloging, search and analysis.
Facilitates automated ingest and analysis based on Machine Learning.
Enables users to create tasks and queries simply and quickly by using natural language.
Delivers deep, visual, and interactive exploration across multiple data sets.
Allows third-party applications to access both Vigilance functionality and Vigilance managed data.
Enables retrieval of data either as a one-off task or through continuous ingest via stream or API.
Queries, loads and cleans data and adds metadata.
Stores data fully tagged and independent of type, structure, and format.
Allow access to data via self-service Marketplace, providing both on-demand analysis and triggered reports based on pre-set requirements.
Facilitates Agile and low-risk system development though embedded DevSecOps methodology and tool-set.
Supports DoD Integrity Level 5 GovCloud services with additional access management based on zero trust architecture.

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