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The Challenge with
End-to-End Encryption

Today, increasing numbers of people are using over-the-top (OTT) messaging applications to communicate with one another. They are easy to use, unify voice and data communications across a user’s devices, and allow people to communicate with both individuals and groups. Apps that use end-to-end encryption (E2EE) employ relay servers for passing messages between end points. This make the apps very useful to criminals and hostile actors, and it creates a significant blind spot for the intelligence community and law enforcement. Not only does it prevent content analysis, but it makes identifying the end points and the connections between them extremely difficult—until now.

Vigilance Node Analysis uses highly sophisticated graph theory algorithms to uncover the likely connections of an entity of interest. In addition to identifying direct connections between devices, Vigilance Node Analysis helps identify the gatekeepers who frequently act as intermediaries between actors.

With Illuminate’s technology, you eliminate the E2EE blind spot and give your intelligence operations a real advantage.

“End-to-end encryption and other forms of warrant-proof encryption create, in effect, lawless spaces that criminals, terrorists, and other bad actors can exploit.”

– Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Lawful Access Challenge

Key Benefits of Vigilance Node Analysis

Reveals Who is Talking to Whom

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Determines, with a high degree of confidence, the connections to a person of interest

Traces Activities

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Contextualizes activity and patterns with current and historical location data

Connects the Dots

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Identifies the chain of connections between individual entities

Sees it All in Real Time

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Monitors activity between connections as it happens

How Vigilance Node Analysis Works

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