The Challenge

Data packets are the building blocks that make our world of information possible. Understanding what they contain, who sent them, and where they are going, both in real time and retrospectively, is essential for cyber security and intelligence operations alike.

But it’s a challenge. The scale, speed, and variety of data is increasing exponentially, as is the intricacy and connections between the systems that carries it. End-to-end encryption makes analysis—even of the metadata—difficult. Furthermore, you need to maintain total security and ensure the privacy of all users.

VigilanceTM Packet Collect provides a fast, scalable, and secure solution for full packet capture. Vigilance only captures what you need, ensuring privacy and reducing the storage burden. Using automation, metadata is enriched to give you greater insight into source, destination, and the content of packets, while you can analyze the information using either your own tools or via the Vigilance Insights Suite, allowing you to see the complete picture and understand what’s really been going on in your network.

Download the Brief

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