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The Challenge of Collecting Packet Data

Data packets are the building blocks that make our world of information possible. Understanding what they contain, who sent them, and where they are going, both in real time and retrospectively, is essential for cyber security and intelligence operations alike.
But it’s a challenge. The scale, speed, and variety of data is increasing exponentially, as is the intricacy and connections between the systems that carries it. End-to-end encryption makes analysis—even of the metadata—difficult. Furthermore, you need to maintain total security and ensure the privacy of all users.

Vigilance Packet Collect provides a fast, scalable, and secure solution for full packet capture. Vigilance only captures what you need, ensuring privacy and reducing the storage burden. Using automation, metadata is enriched to give you greater insight into source, destination, and the content of packets, while you can analyze the information using either your own tools or via the Vigilance Insights Suite, allowing you to see the complete picture and understand what’s really been going on in your network.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Packet Collect

Delivers Full Capture Fast

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Delivers patented, lossless packet capture from any source at very high capture speeds

Automates Data Filtering

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Filters private, unwanted, or bulky data, such as video, to ensure privacy and reduce storage

Supports Cyber Compliance

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Fulfills your obligations for data management under Executive Order 14028 and M-21-31

Offers Analysis Your Way

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Connects with Vigilance Flow Explorer and Insight Suite or with your own tasking and analysis tools

Provides Secure Scalable Storage

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Stores full packets and metadata either on-premise or within a secure cloud

Enhances Metadata

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Enriches metadata through automated tagging, source attribution, and cross-linking

Delivers Easy-to-View Content

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Provides image and object extraction, including web pages, email, imagery, video, and audio

Scalable, Flexible, and Comprehensive Collection and Storage


Patented, lossless packet capture from any source, including real-time collect and previously stored data.

Passive network probes for 1G-100G networks, with 400G capability currently under development.
Packets are aggregated, copied and filtered at line rate. Filtering ensures that privacy requirements are fully met and reduces the storage burden by removing encrypted data or unnecessary bulky content, such as video.
Automated metadata enhancement during collection processing, including improved packet attribution by using techniques, such as TLS fingerprinting, leaky data, and content analysis.
Scalable on-premise or cloud-based storage, enabling advanced and comprehensive signal and event analysis.
Collection of enriched, bearer-specific metadata, such as originating satellite identifiers and cellular tower IDs.
Collection targeting based on multiple and dynamic query terms and automated workflows, e.g., backtrack thread reconstruction and extraction.
Provides multi-modal data views, automated workflows for metadata query, annotation, case file construction and replay of packet streams for incident reviews. Content reconstruction includes web pages, email, FTP sessions, imagery, video, and audio.
Open architecture allows you to use your own tools for acquisition, collection, and analysis, including providing data in Base64 formats for legacy processing applications.
Secure transfer of all content between disparate systems through Apache NiFi and hardware-based data diodes.

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