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Mission Support Services

Providing security-cleared and experienced personnel to deliver
full-spectrum intelligence capabilities

The Challenge with Gathering Actionable Intelligence

Today’s world is moving fast. New technology and new ways to use it appear daily. Criminals and hostile actors are constantly looking at how they can take advantage of technology, how it can hide their communications and activities, and how it can be used to achieve their objectives.
This creates a challenge for state, local, and federal governments. How do we mitigate existing vulnerabilities and anticipate and forestall future threat vectors? How do we detect, analyze, and act when there are so many platforms and data, but not enough time or resources? How do we move from a reactive posture to a proactive posture?

Vigilance Mission Support Services provide you with the expertise, solutions, and resources to help you achieve your mission. Illuminate delivers full-spectrum, multi-source data collection, fusion, and analysis for intelligence and law enforcement agencies. We create solutions, staff operations centers, and provide actionable intelligence, either as a complete service or by augmenting your own in-house team.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Mission Support Services

Delivers All-Source intelligence

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Offers insight to inform policy and decision-makers at both operational and strategic levels

Supports Tailored Solutions

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Delivers cloud-scalable solutions that work for your organization and mission objectives

Integrates Seamlessly

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Delivers experienced and security-cleared professionals who understand your needs and working practices

Provides Up-To-Date Expertise

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Delivers support from specialists with comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge about technology and threats

Enables Rapid Response

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Facilitates rapid response, with the capability to devise, deliver, and adapt quickly as requirements and events change

Deploys Anywhere

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Enables worldwide deployment, including supporting military operations in-theater

Global Perspective, Delivered.

Our intelligence services are built on decades of experience in protecting the the national interest and delivering reliable, actionable, and future-focused value. Our team of intel professionals have supported missions across all branches, in almost all combatant commands.
World map point, line, composition, representing the global, Global network connection,international meaning.

Domination of the Mid-Ground

Supporting policy and tactical operations - our intelligence capabilities span the higher and lower echelons of delivering information to those who need it.

Concealment as the enemy - our professionals are driven by service to country and those who defend it to uncover, analyze, and deliver critical situational awareness where it is needed most.
Insides of hidden intelligence base of United States with computers and guarding soldier at entrance in night

Ground-Level Awareness

Operators on the front-line supported by those who have been there. Our professionals have decades of mission support experience working alongside units deployed to some of the harshest environments on earth.

Our mission dedication is matched only by those we serve.
Two armed US army commandos or military scouts equipped with radio headset moving forward in sands during enemy area reconnaissance. Special forces operation, long range surveillance mission in desert

Supporting the Intelligence Community

Vigilance Mission Support Services are currently supporting all 18 members of the US Intelligence Community.

All-Source Intelligence Expertise To Meet Your Needs

Illuminate delivers solutions across all intelligence gathering disciplines. Our experts provide the ability to fuse data, detect anomalies, determine risk, and identify potential threats. We deliver analytic, enabling, and infrastructure support, with more than 260 intelligence specialists actively engaged on us programs in the United States and overseas.

Analysis Support

Enabling Support

Enabling Support

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