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The Challenge of Collecting Data from Roaming Subscribers

Around the world, the presence of international users, or roamers, on national networks is increasing. To avoid complex interoperability problems with 4G and 5G networks, operators are relying on the roamers’ home networks to manage their calls to home and abroad.
This, however, creates a blind spot in the network. The lack of visibility of home-routed traffic prevents operators from analyzing usage, accurately attributing charges, and identifying fraudulent activities.
More importantly, the roaming loophole bypasses traditional lawful intercept capabilities that can be exploited by both national and foreign criminals, creating a significant gap for both intelligence gathering and network compliance.

Roamer Collect from Illuminate uses key interfaces within the operator’s network to close the roaming gap without the need to approach the roamer’s home network. This ensures the ability to track international usage, detect anomalous behavior, and support full compliance with legal regulations.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Roamer Collect

Provides Full Visibility of Roamer Activity

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Offers full visibility of roamer activity for calls home and to other international destinations

Integrates Seamlessly

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Delivers a system-agnostic, easy-to-install solution that integrates seamlessly with telecommunications networks

Removes the Need for International Requests

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Removes the need for collection requests or activities within the roamer’s home country

Captures Voice and Messaging Data

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Collects all Voice over LTE (VoLTE) data using either passive or active probes

Supports Compliance with Legal Frameworks

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Helps you to comply with collection and intercept legislation

the Roaming Gap

Calls made from a local subscriber can be monitored using traditional collection systems.
Passive network probes for 1G-100G networks, with 400G capability currently under development.
In contrast, data about roaming subscribers circumvents traditional monitoring and creates an information gap.
Vigilance Roamer Collect closes the gap, providing information on international roamers.
The solution can be deployed using both passive or active probes, delivered through local or virtualized machines.

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