The Challenge

Monitoring the numerous connections into and out of a telecommunications network is difficult. Legacy protocols, such as SS7, and more modern interfaces, such as Diameter, remain essential elements. But, with Global Title leasing offering easy access for hostile actors, they present a significant threat surface that can impact the network, connected devices, and users’ data.

Modern firewalls go some way to protect the network, but with most being rule-based gateways, they’re not perfect. If the rules are too tight, they risk blocking legitimate traffic and overloading network security personnel. Too loose, and they increase the risk of successful attacks. Moreover, when attacks do occur, they provide little insight into what happened.

VigilanceTM Watchdog increases network security by intelligently comparing SS7 and Diameter traffic to known threat signatures and machine learning to spot unusual activity. Working alongside the existing firewalls, Watchdog records the packets before and after an event, creates a clear timeline, and provides your security team with the tools to analyze, understand and take action quickly.

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