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The Challenge

In today’s world, large-capacity venues and facilities are becoming increasingly attractive targets for criminals and hostile actors. Regardless of whether crowds gather daily at airports, malls, and military bases or for specific events, such as ceremonies and entertainment, these venues provide an opportunity for criminal activity, large-scale disruption, and high-profile media coverage.
This creates a significant challenge for venue security and law enforcement. The size of the venues, scale of the crowds, and the anonymity that they offer makes quickly identifying devices of interest difficult and resource intensive.
The problem is exacerbated by modern mobile technology. The prevalence of mobile devices and encrypted applications has made communications between criminals more challenging to detect.

Vigilance Eagle from Illuminate provides a unique solution for the military and law enforcement. Via simple connection to the existing cellular network, our technology can help you protect your facility and high profile events. Most importantly, Vigilance Eagle helps keep your personnel and visitors safe.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Eagle

Alerts and Informs

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Gathers real-time, actionable intelligence on persons of interest, based on cell-phone usage, including encrypted applications

Pinpoints Devices of Interest

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Accurately locates specific cellular devices and integrates with venue plans and location maps for rapid eyes-on assessment

Integrates With Other Data

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Combines with OSINT-gathered information to provide an enhanced picture

Provides Localized Monitoring

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Persistently monitors all cellular activity within a geofenced area and actively analyzes cell usage for potential high-threat behaviors

Identifies Associated Devices

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Identifies networks of activity for a specific device, within the venue, the surrounding locale, and wider afield

Insight for Venue Protection

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