The Challenge with Maritime Surveillance

Monitoring and intelligence gathering in maritime environments is difficult. The need to cover very large areas and assess multiple vessels, ranging from the very large to the very small, makes identifying threats and determining the adversarial and criminal activities a challenge.
This issue is exacerbated by the quantity, quality, and nature of the data available. Large volumes of information, of varying veracity, delivered in multiple forms, creates a significant burden for analysts.
Consequently, intelligence reporting can be slow, based on incomplete or incorrect data, or risk missing key threats or activities entirely.

Vigilance Maritime is a browser-based, geospatial intelligence platform that eases the analytic burden and helps ensure that accurate and actionable intelligence is delivered quickly. Users are able to centralize and visualize publicly available data, fused with their own data, for near real-time target tracking and alerts.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Maritime

Facilitates Fast, Low-Burden Analysis

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Captures, interprets, visualizes, and delivers data in near real time

Enables Automated Monitoring

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Monitors vessel behaviors and compares to historical patterns to identify outliers

Delivers Expertise

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Delivers technology developed and supported by a team of dedicated data scientists, intelligence officers, and engineers

Fuses All Information Sources

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Combines relevant open-source information with your own data and presents it on a single pane of glass

Provides Tailored Tools

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Combines off-the-shelf and customizable tools to meet your requirements

How Vigilance Maritime can help you

A Comprehensive Data Management Solution

Access a range of pre-built and bespoke alerts.
Query vessels at or near any location.
Investigate vessels that have triggered an alert, such as entering territorial waters, gaps in Automatic Identification System (AIS), or changing name or flag state while at sea.
Query history of any vessel using International Maritime Organization (IMO) or Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI), with easy exploration using the timeline.
Investigate gaps in AIS coverage, using range rings and route plotting.
View nearby vessels’ histories and particulars, including propulsion, ownership, and classification.
Contextualize vessel behavior and transit using daily-updated tri-resolution maps of shipping lanes.
View speed, course, and heading profiles of any vessel for investigative or due-diligence purposes

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