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The Challenge of Protecting Deployed Networks

The complexity of modern 4G and 5G communications networks means that there are numerous ways in which they can be exploited. For large networks, maintaining network security is achieved through a comprehensive cyber test and monitoring capability. However, there are times, such as on deployed operations or time-critical missions, where undertaking a full evaluation of network risk is not possible.
The traditional answer is to undertake a standard penetration test, but this only checks for basic vulnerabilities, leaving the network open to attack.

Vigilance Night Light provides a more effective solution for cybersecurity. By using network monitoring and machine learning to automatically determine the most appropriate attack strategies, local cyber personnel can intelligently test your system and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Night Light

Enables Portable Red Team Capabilities

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Delivers a complete adversary simulator for 3GPP protocols — all contained in a man-pack form factor for use in the field

Delivers Comprehensive Security

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Tests vulnerabilities on both the network layer (L3) and the signal control plane (3GPP)

Supports Multiple Attack Methodologies

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Uses well-maintained threat databases, including commercial, open-source and proprietary databases, to provide the widest range of attack vectors

Provides Intelligent Network Analysis

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Employs machine learning to ‘test the fence’ to identify potential weak points in the network

How Vigilance Night Light Works

Connects to Illuminate’s Vigilance Collect to map the control and data plane elements of the network.
Utilizes mulitple attack generators, including Illuminate’s own set of more than 1,500 signalling attacks.
Establishes attack selection based on reinforcement learning algorithms or scripted attack sequences.
Enables attacks targeted to multiple elements across the network.
Supports the simulation of different attack objectives.
System operates on both traditional and cloud-based mobile networks.

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