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The Challenge of Activity-Based Intelligence

For many organizations and agencies, technical surveillance of key personnel is a constant risk. Activity-based intelligence (ABI) tradecraft is typically used to monitor an individual’s ‘pattern of life’ — the specific set of behaviors that make up their internet browsing activities and locations on cellular, fixed-line, or WiFi networks.
When personnel operate away from home, changes to their pattern of life can alert adversarial actors, potentially making the personnel a candidate for more aggressive surveillance and, thus, current locations being revealed.

Vigilance Dark Mirror closes this vulnerability gap. Illuminate’s technology ensures the safety and security of personnel by cloaking the behaviors that could identify changes to an individual’s pattern of life. Dark Mirror maintains this cloaking protection when an individual is away from home to prevent location detection.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Dark Mirror

Protects Your Personnel

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Reduces the risks associated when personnel are away from home or visiting sensitive locations

Delivers Layered Defense

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Delivers multiple security layers and encryption to make the risk of adversarial intercept and detection extremely challenging

Cloaks Movements

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Prevents adversaries from being alerted to an individual’s travel and activities by maintaining their pattern of life

Deploys Easily

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Facilitates installation on users home devices and facility access points and delivers cloud-based and scalable processing

How Vigilance Dark Mirror Works

When operating away from home, users are supplied with a locked-down mobile device. This automatically connects to dedicated access points that use a random and continuously changing series of encrypted routes to mobile network and cloud service providers.
These encrypted routes then terminate into a large pool of VPN end points called entry nodes. These entry points connect to routing server (RS) instances hosted in the multi-cloud environments.
The RS then chooses an exit node using a similar routing scheme to forward the packets to the home device. These path selections are dynamic per packet and change frequently during the lifetime of the connection.
Meanwhile, the user’s normal day-to-day devices are left at their home location and managed by trusted parties. These devices will be loaded with commercially available remote desktop software and also equipped with upgraded WiFi encryption.

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