The Challenge With Big Data

We live in a completely connected world. We communicate, receive entertainment and news, and manage our schedules, finances, and travel through our devices. And we’ve all got a lot of them—not just cellphone, tablets, and PCs, but smart devices, such as speakers, watches, and cars.
This makes tracking and monitoring communications from persons of interest complicated. What devices do they use? What apps? WiFi, fixed line or cellular? Although traffic over specific networks can be monitored, the multitude of ways to communicate with one another means that traditional techniques provide only part of the picture.

Vigilance Fused Analysis provides the answer. All forms of communication offer some identity and location information. By fusing this with open-source intelligence (OSINT) and other data sources, Illuminate provides a more complete picture, identifying associations between people, locations and activities, highlighting risks, and determining patterns in behavior that help you to predict and neutralize potential threats.

Key Benefits of Vigilance Fused Analysis

Determines Patterns of Life

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Enables you to investigate and review a user’s timelines, including locations visited and relationships with other devices of interest

Sees More of the Picture

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Fuses multi-technology, multi-source data with OSINT and other databases

Detects Potential Threats

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Helps identify the risks relating to an individual, based on their relationships and behavior

Predicts Future Activity

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Pinpoints the next likely location of a user, based on previous activities and real-time collection

Providing a Complete Picture

Device data

Device type and ID, subscriber ID and geolocation details obtained through mobile and packet collect.

Banking and e-commerce

Leaky apps provide significant information about a user’s bank accounts and shopping transactions.

Social media
Name and user ID for social media accounts are captured through observed network data.

Vehicle telematics
Precise real-time geolocation is derived from connected in-vehicle navigation apps.

Additional insight
Other applications offer information on user activity, including mobile, broadband, and WiFi access.

OSINT banking data
Publicly available datasets provide details of banks that the user interacts with, including connections to higher-risk institutions via details published via the Financial Action Task Force.

OSINT social media posts
Publicly available datasets enable you to view posts from user’s locale and analyze user’s previous posts for sentiment and pattern of life.

Relationship analysis
See the relationships between users, other entities, and degrees of separation between actors.

Pattern of life
Detect anomalies in a user’s pattern of life, review previous and predict future activities.

Attitude analysis
Correlate anomalies in a users pattern of life with sentiment analysis of the user’s social media posts.

View current and previously visited locations, fused with pattern of life to show user’s complete timeline and predicted future trajectories.

Vigilance Fused Analysis is a cloud-based situational awareness platform that brings together real-time and historical data with open-source data, such as social media feeds and imagery.
By employing ontology-based machine learning techniques, we can determine the relationships between users and devices. Machine learning is also employed to analyze the language used in social feeds to detect criminal activity.
Vigilance Fused Analysis can be easily deployed, connecting to existing monitoring systems and web-based social media platforms. It is cloud-based and highly scalable.

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