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Illuminate Technologies provides industry-leading benefits to ensure our success directly benefits our valued staff. Our objective is to develop a sustained team, while constantly providing growth and work diversity.

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Here are some of the jobs we're hiring for right now:

San Jose, CA

Telecom Solutions Engineer

We are seeking a talented individual who can provide technical proposal support for Illuminate’s US Proposal Group for its existing customer base as well as new/emerging customer expansion efforts.


San Jose, CA

Software Development Engineer (CA)

We are seeking an experienced Software Development engineer to join the Illuminate Technologies team in San Jose, CA. You will participate in the design and development of our Next-Generation Packet Processing Platforms for Cybersecurity.



HR and Operations Assistant (EDI)

We are looking to expand the team with the addition of an enthusiastic and team focused HR and Operations Assistant. This worldwide role has responsibilities encompassing personnel home located in the UK, US, and Israel.


We put a priority on hiring highly qualified veterans and
providing them exceptional, challenging job opportunities
and industry-leading benefits.


Because we’re a global organization, benefits differ slightly between regions. However, we offer the best. Supporting our employees means brighter tomorrows.