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Our open, extensible, and scalable multi-source data platform empowering our customers, developers, and partners to drive analytic insight against the breadth of data resources critical to their operations.

From large-scale Fortune 500 enterprises to dynamic mission-critical operators at the edge of security and public safety, we have drawn upon our experience of working with a range of customers to ensure our data platform is adaptable to the needs of our decision makers.

Taming Big Data

Vigilance provides the foundational systems architecture for the variety of customer engagements and data processing needs.  Vigilance is packaged as tailorable foundational platform software, optionally coupled with domain-specific applications (web, mobile, edge device deployed).

Data Collection

Public Mobile Networks
Private Mobile Networks
Private Mobile Networks
5G Converted Networks
Fixed-Line Access Networks
Network Gateways & Inter-Connects
Microwave Backhaul
Satellite Backhaul

Data Collection and Management


Network Cyber

Mobile Threat Hunting

Digital Forensics

Network Infrastructure Protection

Mobility & Identity

Location and Tracking

Behavioral Analysis

Situational Awareness


Realtime Investigation

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Criminal Network Discovery

Source from Anywhere

Data resides everywhere. The quality of contextualization and actionable intelligence are directly dependent on how complete your incoming data is. Vigilance™ is built to ingest at-speed to guarantee you have the strongest starting point possible.
Data transmission channel. Motion of digital data flow. Transferring of big data.


Being an expert at the operationalization of data requires decades of learning how it can be used effectively. Our Vigilance™ DMP was purpose-built to manage data first.

By intelligent ingestion, organization, structure and maintenance DMP offers organizations the ability to throw millions of records at the solution without missing a single important byte.

Insight. Delivered.

The Vigilance™ Insights app delivers instant insight at the speed of data. Actionable information has a half-life - our DMP platform and associated front-facing applications deliver the information you need - when you need it.

Our custom development teams are built from real-world government, commercial, and research experience. We know how to build what you need - because we've been there.
Business intelligence analyst dashboard on virtual screen. Big data Graphs Charts


Purpose-built, industry -focused, & developed on the front-line. Products and applications including Vigilance-Insights , with integrated data processing and analytics, providing scalable collection, processing and visualization of high-velocity cellular and packet network messaging flows.

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