Informed Decisions.

The problems of today’s global industries, defense, security, and public sector organizations require full-spectrum solutions — combining technology, data, and analytics expertise to accelerate informed decisions.

We provide leading-edge invention and field-proven analytic experience to make the most of your existing technology investments, deliver game-changing new technologies, and generate the answers you need.

right lens
for the
right answers.

We can do it all, or just support a piece, because we have the experience and teams to make it happen. No matter your data challenge, we have a solution to bring the answers into focus.



Inventing the future of technology and tradecraft.

On the forefront of advanced concepts and development, we won’t let tradecraft be undermined by technology or our missions inhibited by failing to grasp the art of the possible.



Harnessing the technology of today and tomorrow.

Enabling you to get more from the telecommunications technology you have and leverage the benefits of emerging technologies and augmentative data sources for timely, mission-critical information.


Mission Solutions

Focusing the right insights toward action.

All the best data and the newest technologies mean nothing without the expertise and experience to take full advantage of them. Our solutions are envisioned by analysts and operators, and built by world-class engineers.

Let us enable you to transform your data into decisions and accelerate you toward action.

Wherever you are in your intelligence lifecycle, we help you tighten your focus.

All the parts of your intelligence process must work together: selecting the right technologies, collecting the right data, transforming it intelligently, and extracting the necessary insights from the brightest minds. Harmonizing tradecraft and technology is paramount. No matter where you need focus, Illuminate has you covered.

Operationalize technologies and perfect your tradecraft.
We work with today’s data practitioners to invent the technologies and tradecraft they need for tomorrow.
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Collect and transform
your data.
Technology should work with you, not against you. Illuminate has the technology experience to provide full-network visibility and capture and transform the data you need to deliver actionable insights.
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Analyze, decide, & act.
We can provide you with fully integrated mission operations support or laser-focused analytics development. As little or as much as you need.
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The team.
Focused on finding your answers.

With teams spread across the US and Europe, Illuminate has you covered. Our roots in large-scale data engineering and our pedigree in deriving insight from data give us the experience to tackle the toughest analytic challenges.
Our people have broad backgrounds and areas of deep experience, including research in cloud-enabled AI/ML, enterprise networking, data acquisition, analysis, and other industry expertise.