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5G is transforming the way telecoms networks operate, bringing increased data bandwidth for subscribers, as well as low latency and massive IoT capabilities.  5G also brings new ways of doing business and enables mission-critical services for both government and industry.  For services being designed and built using 5G technology, there are fresh challenges for network security and assurance – and a need for increased resilience to support them.

5G Network Visibility

We use data engineering and AI to support the collection and processing of data across 5G networks.  Whether for threat hunting, regulatory compliance, network optimisation or trouble shooting, we understand how to identify and extract network information to bring visibility and intelligence at the speed of need.

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Data Collection

Our expertise in cellular technologies enables organizations to understand and extract the right data from high speed, virtual, next-generation networks.
5G Network Internet Mobile Wireless Business concept.

Leveraging 5G

Our services help you to collect, retain and deliver data, giving visibility across 5G networks and enabling you to meet security and compliance standards.
5G Network Internet Mobile Wireless Business concept.

Massive IoT

The explosion in volumes of connected devices and endpoints increases the risk of threats and attacks. We provide the data engineering to give you visibility across your whole estate, enabling you to secure and monitor your network.
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Cyber Security

Mobile threat hunting

Digital Forensics

Network Infrastructure protection


Realtime investigation

Encrypted Traffic Analysis

Criminal Network Discovery


Lawful Interception

SLA Verification

Location and identity

Behavioral analytics

Location and tracking

Situational awareness


Network Visualization

Traffic flow statistics

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