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Cyber Superiority

Technology creates vulnerability. State & Non-State actors alike are constantly searching & innovating at creating and exploiting opportunities to steal, disrupt, blackmail, and cause other harm to the world. Illuminate has a long history of cyber excellence and is uniquely positioned to leverage new advances in tech to give clients an edge in the cyber battlefield.

Own the Domain

Illuminate Cyber Threat Intelligence teams searching the dark places of the internet, we discover threats before they happen. Illuminates analyst driven solutions in the areas of cyber defense, fusion, exploitation, and forensics give you the edge as you seek to achieve cyber superiority.
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Achieve Excellence

Our frontline cybersecurity experience and tactics support missions across the federal sector - enabling agencies and departments to fight the most sophisticated threats. Our dedication to the teams we support is paramount. Your mission is our mission.
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Stay Ahead

Leveraging best in breed technology with high performing SMEs Illuminate provides both core approaches to address the onslaught of highly-dynamic vectors State and Non-State actors utilize. We provide mission support across defense, federal, and commercial teams.
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Defense is Proactive

Tracking global attack vectors, aligning that with internal intelligence, hardened architecture, and trained cyber defenders is just the beginning. Illuminate's approach to solution design incorporates full spectrum analysis of more than just known vulnerabilities. We offer full-scope defensive assessment, hardening, and training for critical missions.
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Innovation as a Service

Our security development talent has designed custom solutions and delivered applications for all major security capabilities in niche and common sectors. Our vast experience in development and engineering has been leveraged to create force multipliers and deliver internal capability thought impossible.
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Alongside NIST CSF and other standards – Full-scope asset management, governance, & risk services across defense, intelligence, and commercial organizations built on decades of front-line experience.


Using tested combinations of people, process, and technology, Illuminate helps you establish and maintain operational protective postures that harden your position on the target landscape. 


Continuous monitoring as a way of life – Illuminate offers bleeding edge network monitoring and security insight solutions that can deliver the data you need when (and before) you need it.


Using real-world incident management experience, Illuminate offers services and solutions that augment or establish incident response capabilities limiting impact and enabling recovery.


Technology agnostic approaches to disaster recovery built on decades of front-line experience in resuming mission operations and function no matter the level of impact.

Our Work

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