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Enterprise IT

Today’s technology landscape demands agile approaches to infrastructure and service delivery. IT leadership is under constant pressure to deliver solutions and support to geo-agnostic teams securely, on any device. 

Illuminate provides strategic solutions across IT service and application lifecycles from idea to operations leveraging the best architecture decision based on need.

Empower Workloads & Delivery

Large swings in regulation, technology, demand, and service maturity drive change in every organization. Illuminate operates in the edge and in the cloud. We understand Enterprise IT and can leverage all facets of our expertise to enable your mission.

Strategic Operational Value

Every company is a tech company – leverage best in breed enterprise IT solutions enabling your strategic vision.

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Protect Global Delivery

Data moves at the speed of light, critical connectivity demands instant alerting and remediation.

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Security, a new Founding Father

Downtime is intolerable, especially when it’s preventable. Employ those already on the frontline and deliver uncompromised.

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Protect Workforce Investments

When your users can’t work, your business stops. Get ahead of service delivery issues with AI/ML solutions.

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For Today & Tomorrow

Intelligent service design starts with understanding the mission and resources available to support it. Our team has had decades of IT leadership and operations experience that can be leveraged to assist your organization with developing your service portfolio.

Dynamic prioritization is a way of life in IT. Teams demand the best in analysis, capability, and delivery adjusting to shifts in business requirements at the speed of business. We can help you get there.
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Change. Managed.

Continuous improvement is a lifestyle in IT. Managing knowledge, assets, and deployment activity isn't simple. Illuminate's experience spans industry verticals in development, operations, and leadership.

Our solutions can help you organize your service transition demand, apply resources, and manage deployments across any type of team or environment.
In the Modern Data Center: IT Engineer Installs New HDD Hard Drive and Other Hardware into Server Rack Equipment. IT Specialist Doing Maintenance, Running Diagnostics and Updating Hardware.

Fulfillment & Support

Successful service operation requires the ability to know when something goes wrong, and having the right team ready to respond. Our expertise in operating applications and services in support of global missions spans federal, commercial, and specialized environments.

Leveraging the best available solutions across major market offerings and internal solutions - Illuminate can help you maintain and operate proactively.
In Data Center: Female IT Technician Stands before Open Server Rack Cabinet, Uses Laptop Computer to Run Maintenance Diagnostics so that Mainframe Works at Optimal Functioning Level.

Value Focused

Our solutions start with a value assessment. Understanding organizational priorities and matching them against available resources to deliver the best possible value on budget. Providing value is the core mission objective of Illuminate.

Aggressive Simplicity

Over-engineering and impractical solutions are rampant in many solution providers. Illuminate prides itself on an extremely practical approach to service design, transition, and operations based on real-world experience.

User-Driven DevOps

The 2020’s brought the best of the last decade in development mindset including a user-driven prioritization practice. Illuminate prioritized user feedback in development effort. Allow us to assist your organization in developing user-first.

Mission First

Aligning strategic business or mission objectives with IT strategy is difficult for most leaders. We’ve spent decades operating in large enterprises effectively connecting IT priorities to strategic vision.

Automate. Always.

Our approach to service design and delivery always looks to automation first. If there are robotic or programmatic ways to achieve objectives we start there. Every task automated is time better spent on things humans must do.

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