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Helping Service Providers to Accurately Monitor their Mobile and IP Networks

Keeping up with the changing network topology amidst skyrocketing volumes of data, devices types and protocols

Telecommunications data rates are increasing exponentially, as are the variety of devices and associated security protocols used in those networks. When you include the advances in modern networks such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), building and maintaining a clear view of the topology of modern networks is a challenging but vitally important enabler to achieving customer satisfaction.

As data volumes grow, and particularly looking ahead to 5G connectivity, Mobile Network Service providers need measurement insight into network node interconnectivity and traffic flows. Any solution to manage these challenges has to continually update the results in real-time, and be automated and scalable to provide the maximum possible return on the time and money invested.

For our Service Provider customers, timely insight into key attributes of their network, such as network nodes and how they’re interconnected is critical. Access to underlying data, such as IP, MAC and VLANs addresses, as well as traffic flow statistics, gives them a continually maintained, up-to-date view of their network’s topology and operations. This information speeds up decision-making in a time-critical security environment.

According to one Mobile Service Provider customer, “Having the ability to archive this snapshot of our operations and then compare it against other archives or the current state, means we can track and view changes really efficiently. It’s a huge benefit being able to do this rather than using other tools that required manual link by link analysis.”

For more information on Illuminate’s solution for this, see this datasheet.

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