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Illuminate Delivers Telecommunications Packet Collection Solution to European Customer to Assist in Cyber Threat Detection

Illuminate announced today it has successfully completed delivery of its latest telecommunications packet collection systems for one of its key customers in a European country.

Illuminate’s Vigilance Packet Collect (VPC) solution is a packet processing system which provides the customer with the ability to identify, monitor, filter, analyse and store enterprise Internet Protocol (IP) data.  It also enables customers to utilise their own defined filters to structure the data for further analysis and storage.

The VPC solution will be used as a network packet recorder, collecting enterprise network traffic from the customer’s networks. These networks deliver real-time data into Illuminate’s Flow Explorer packet broker, where smart logic identifies the source of the traffic. It then filters, aggregates, and backhauls the traffic to the VPC solution and storage devices.

“We are proud that our packet collection solution was selected to support the customer’s cyber threat monitoring mission and the critical role it will play in assisting their understanding of any potential threats on their networks. “Illuminate has a proud heritage of monitoring telecommunications mobile networks and delivering actionable information, where it is needed, and when it is needed.” – said Dr. Iain Goodfellow, Managing Director, Illuminate. 

The customer will use VPC to assist with cyber threat analysis and anomaly detection in the networks, to ensure that no sensitive traffic crosses the boundary between networks.  It will also provide reach-back capability to firewalls and other intrusion detection systems that are in use.

The VPC has the capability and capacity to collect traffic from networks in real-time and record days’ worth of traffic for subsequent retrieval for packet-level analysis. In addition, flow meta data for each network is generated and stored for at least one month, allowing for visualisation, analysis and comparison of the traffic in their networks.

Read more about VigilanceTM Packet Collect.

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