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Focus on finding answers.

Illuminate Technologies provides innovative capabilities for cyber threat detection, legal compliance for critical communications infrastructure, and public safety.

We provide intelligence-led insights for mobile and data networks, enabling customers to pinpoint and monitor key data from the mass of network traffic, helping our customers identify and manage threats and risks at their source.
We draw on the talents of the brightest minds in cloud computing, machine learning, and network systems industries. We combine deep knowledge of telecommunication networks, remote sensing, and enterprise-scale data analytics with the latest innovations in cloud, IoT, edge computing, and artificial intelligence to solve our customers’ most demanding challenges.


Focus on Finding Answers

Our identity and location enrichment solutions combine an extensive knowledge of telecommunication networks with remote sensing and enterprise-scale data analytics. These enable customers to identify and capture specific, intelligence-driven streams of data from the mass of network traffic. From mobile network operators, intelligence services and law enforcement agencies to industries like energy, finance and health, where mobile network traffic and data is critical, our solutions help customers to find the right answers.

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Agile Factory Product Support: Supporting your success with our teams of technical and R&D experts

Agile Software Upgrade: Continuously supporting customers’ networks as they evolve and upgrade

Analyzing Captured Satellite Data: Analyzing captured satellite data

Bridging the S8HR Gap – Roaming Visibility: Giving visibility of roaming S8 Home Routed subscribers

Communication Data Retention and Disclosure: Communication data retention and disclosure

Criminal Network Operational Intelligence: Investigating criminal network operations using encrypted mobile network apps

Delivering Subscriber Quality using VoLTE & Roaming Analytics: Enabling traffic analytics for enhanced customer experience and revenue uplift strategies for service providers to monetize the roaming traffic

Discovering Your Mobile and IP Network: Discovering your mobile network

Full Packet Capture: Conducting ‘after the fact’ forensic investigations on network traffic

Full Packet Capture, Storage & Analysis: Performing forensic investigations on network traffic 

Grooming Mobile Data: Grooming and storing mobile data

Illegal Content Detection: Dealing with Illegal and unacceptable content

Intercepting Traffic with GTP Cores: Gaining insight on subscriber’s data sessions

IP Address Resolution: IP address resolution for cyber threat detection, legal compliance and public safety

Link Utilization Monitoring (LUM) and Analytics for Fixed and Wireless Networks: Enabling visibility and actionable intelligence through link monitoring.

Mobile Handset and Device Location: Mobile handset and device location

OTT Subscriber Analytics: Enabling fine-grained traffic analytics and value added services resulting in smart data pipes strategies for service providers to monetize the OTT traffic

Real-time Investigation Support: Supporting investigations that require a constantly updated intelligence picture

VoLTE and IMS Analytics: Providing insights into network metadata


Intelligence-led insights for mobile networks

Enabling customers to pinpoint and monitor key data from the mass of network traffic. Find out more about how we can help you identify and manage threats and risks at their source:

Data Acquisition
Our Cellular Virtual Monitoring Platform efficiently captures and processes data from a wide range of cellular networks.
Traditional probing solutions for passive monitoring of telecom networks must adapt to meet new demands as network elements transition to network function virtualization and software defined networks. The Cellular Virtual Monitoring Platform is an important step in meeting these challenges, supporting the virtualization of the probe and applications. Numerous vendor variants and network changes including 2G circuit switched networks, 3G, 4G and now 5G packet switched networks, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, and LTE have made monitoring even more complex. Illuminate simplifies the network operator’s job by supporting all network types on a single platform, enabling fast setup and operation. Learn more about our Cellular Virtual Monitoring Platform
Network Visibility and Grooming
Enabling efficient troubleshooting and management of mobile network traffic.
Flow Explorer automatically discovers the network elements and protocols of all mobile network technologies, displaying switch statistics and network topologies in real-time. This makes it perfectly suited as a survey and maintenance tool for your network. Learn more about Flow Explorer
Advanced Packet Analysis
Enabling deep packet data insights to identify and capture specific, intelligence-driven streams of data from the mass of network traffic.
Our packet data service enables customers to identify and capture specific, intelligence-driven streams of data from the mass of network traffic. We work with customers to define the focus of their insight requirements and the data packets that are key to their security and threat-prevention programs. This might be specific packet streams or “full take.” The data is captured from the network in raw, packet form which can then be indexed and stored for time-critical retrieval. The result is deep insights for security and threat analysis. Learn more about Advanced Packet Analysis
Roaming Visibility
Using S8 Home Routing will lead to visibility gaps on your network. Without Illuminate Roaming Visibility your organization will be incompliant with legislation as well as being vulnerable to fraud and cyber-attacks on the S8 Link.
VoLTE is today’s roaming technology of choice, bringing significant operational benefits for network operators and end users. But it also results a gap in regulatory compliance, with lost visibility of roaming traffic on the S8 Link. Our LMISF (Lawful Interception Mirroring IMS State Function) solution means this traffic can be captured at this vital link, so operators can provide the necessary visibility and ensure they remain compliant. Roaming Visibility

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Illuminating Technology

Helping service providers accurately monitor their mobile and IP networks.

Find out how to keep up with changing network topologies amidst skyrocketing volumes of data, devices types, and protocols.


Always looking for bright people.

We have opportunities from across the data and technology spectrum to join our multi-functional teams, including:

Software Development

If you are highly proficient in C++, Java, or Python, and have working knowledge of development/ deployment of Linux (CentOS/Red Hat) systems, OS configuration, OS security, platform release processes, package management, and scripting, Illuminate may be the innovative workplace for you.

System Support Engineers

Do you work well on your own, within a broader organization, while interfacing daily with customers? If you do, have a solid grasp of communication technologies (like TCP/IP, Linux, virtualization, Perl, Python, C/C++, SQL), and have strong interpersonal networking and communication skills, then Illuminate might be the ideal workplace for you.

Program Managers

Are you are detail oriented; have a strong background in communication, organization and problem solving; and have the desire to learn different skill sets and excel daily? You could be a great program manager at Illuminate! Come manage a team of application/system engineers and subject matter experts who perform operational support of Illuminate’s mobile network monitoring systems.