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Traffic Grooming

Automatically discover elements of your network and the protocols in use, saving you time and ensuring you always have the most up to date information.

Whether monitoring and maintaining the health of the network or as input to its configuration, Flow Explorer gives you a real-time, detailed survey of your network, bringing certainty to capacity planning.

Flow Explorer™

Understand the flow of traffic on your network, it’s real-time topology, and deliver that information to personnel and systems that can action the insight.

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Know, don't guess.

Understand the traffic flows and topology of your network at a glance or
Cybersecurity and information or network protection. Future cyber technology web services for business and internet project

Now, not later.

Monitor topology changes on the network as they happen with network auto-discovery
Assess traffic flow statistics in real time to make decisions based on an accurate and up-to-date representation of the network
Scale to meet growing network demands of subscribers by deploying additional VMs to the Cellular Virtual Monitoring Platform
Young Multiethnic Female Government Employee Uses Tablet Computer in System Control Monitoring Center. In the Background Her Coworkers at Their Workspaces with Many Displays Showing Technical Data.

Delivering What's Needed.

Capture and store network configurations to an archive for later reference.
Compare archived and current topologies to detect changes and send alerts to downstream systems
Filter, load balance, and export captured traffic to other systems for further analysis
Professional Technical Controller with Colleagues at Their Workstations. They're in Monitoring Room with Multiple Displays Surrounding Them.

Cellular Virtual Monitoring Platform

Flow explorer is enabled by the Illuminate Cellular Virtual Monitoring Platform, a probing solution that allows for the monitoring of mobile networks technologies from a single point.

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