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U.S. Special Operations Command Hyper-Enabled Operator

Responding to a U.S Special Operations Command (USSSOCOM) requirement to support their Hyper-Enabled Operator (HEO) program, Illuminate worked to develop an innovative solution leveraging their combined knowledge of the USSOCOM warfighter mission and Illuminate’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology.

The concept of a HEO — one where technology at the edge helps reduce the cognitive load for operators, enhances situational awareness, improves communication and coordination with friendly forces, and enables other advanced mission capabilities strikes a major cord throughout the Illuminate organization and provided an opportunity to provide a new type of high-end technology support to a long-time Illuminate customer.

ILL and IMS jointly developed an innovative solution by tapping into our over 300 IMS intelligence analysts, many of which directly support the USSOCOM mission, to provide a “voice of the analyst” to our ILL engineers based in Thousand Oaks, California. Working together IMS and ILL developed an innovative solution concept, proposed that concept to USSOCOM, and are awaiting final approval to begin development.

Team Illuminate currently provides directed development and support using the Vigilance™ platform for customers dealing with massive data analytic challenges. We recognize that remote field users often require access to decision making aides, intelligent filters and data products which, under normal conditions, would be able to leverage the power of back-end cloud computing assets.

However, for disadvantaged, disconnected or occasionally disconnected users, edge computing and intuitive mobile Apps are needed with enough analytic capability on the local device or system to operate without continuous back-end services. For special reconnaissance and certain direct-action missions, the ability to operate using secure individual-centric technology is essential for successful battlefield dominance by Special Operations Forces.

Our platform expands the HEO capabilities through the adoption of forward-deployed digital virtual assistants to support natural language queries, requests for analysis, visualization and on-board sensor processing such as object identification and in-situ navigational cues using augmented reality (AR). All HEO capabilities are hosted and executed within the processing capabilities of a disconnected consumer-grade mobile edge device without sacrificing actionable information. The capability offers decisive advantage when operating off pre-planned mission profiles or through established secure protocols for mission updates and synchronization when operating on the edge off of normal networks.

For information on this case study or to discuss how we can bring focus to your challenges, contact an Illuminate representative today for more information.

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